STABUR® urease inhibitor urea

Witt Handel is ready for the regulatory changes facing our market in 2020 and is proud to be the exclusive distributor of STABUR®.

Limus Orange how STABUR® urease inhibitor urea works
The highest nitrogen efficiency due to STABUR®

The use of STABUR® is an effective measure to reduce ammonia losses by increasing the nitrogen uptake by plants. The two active ingredients in STABUR® (NBPT + NPPT) block the urease enzymes which are responsible for the conversion of urea into ammonia and carbon dioxide. Gaseous ammonia losses can be reduced by up to 98% which increases the amount of nitrogen that is available to the plant.


testresults on urea inhibitor vs other nitrogen fertilizer STABUR®

Additional income due to STABUR® (Limus® Orange Inside)


Limus® Orange increases the nitrogen absorption by plants

which increases yields compared to urea without a urease

inhibitor. By combining two active ingredients (NBPT + NPPT),

STABUR® achieves a higher yield compared to urea with

NBPT as a solo active ingredient. With STABUR®, the

yield provided by urea is raised to the same level as the

yields reached with calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN).

A significant additional yield of approx. 5% was obtained

in Germany. The yield increase varies depending on the


type of soil and weather conditions.

flexible application of STABUR® Urea

Flexible urea application with STABUR®


STABUR® can be applied regardless of weather conditions. STABUR® reduces the risk of unpredictable ammonia losses, especially during droughts.

Advantages of STABUR® Limus BASF Orange
  • New urea fertiliser with urease inhibitor containing 2 active ingredients (NBPT + NPPT)
  • Reduces ammonia emissions by up to 98%
  • More plant-available nitrogen increases earnings potential
  • Meets the requirements of the Fertiliser Ordinance
  • Increased flexibility and safety in fertiliser application

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